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The Assassination of Hugo Chavez Download

Download GREG Palast’s groundbreaking BBC exposé

The Assassination of Hugo Chavez

For BBC Television’s Newsnight, investigative journalist Greg Palast flew to Venezuela to get the inside information on the man the Bush Administration loves to hate: Hugo Chavez.

Palast meets with the president the Bushmen call a madman, a dictator – and then finds the man who took Chavez hostage (Palast wears a hidden wire for that one).

Here, from the winner of the George Orwell Prize for Courage in Journalism, are the inside documents that tell you why Chavez must die.

Follow him from Venezuela to Ecuador where, from the oil-smeared Amazon, he shows you the inside documents from the International Monetary Fund that are plans for a financial coup d’etat – as originally reported for Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now!

Then Palast, the reporter who busted Jeb Bush for illegally purging Black voters in Florida, takes on the Theft of the Presidential Election – in Mexico. It’s “Florida Con Salsa” as Palast, “a cross between Sam Spade and Sherlock Holmes” (Jim Hightower) goes after the vote rustlers in his inimitable film noir style.

Based from Palast’s award winning expose for Harper’s Magazine and his New York Times bestsellers, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy and Armed Madhouse.

Captured in Venezuela by guerilla lensman Richard Rowley (“Fourth World War”) for BBC, Democracy Now! LinkTV and BigNoise films.

Includes three films plus bonus tracks from the Armed Madhouse audio book.

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