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palast investigates DOWNLOAD

OF GREG Palast’s BBC reports

On the Trail:
From 8-Mile to the Amazon

From Greg Palast’s ass-kicking BBC Newsnight Television exposés, as seen on Democracy Now!

Music by Willie Nelson and Foo Fighter’s guitarist Chris Shiflett with Jackson United.

Included on Palast Investigates are the following stories:

● The Vultures – African potentates, Swiss Boutiques, a dawn stake-out and the pimped-out Cadillac of a man who calls himself ‘Goldfinger’.

● Rumble in the Jungle – Ecuador: Palast takes a dug-out canoe through the Amazon to meet the Natives facing off against US Oil Giant Chevron. The company that named a tanker “Condoleezza”

● Steal Back Your Vote – Foreclosed homes in 8-mile Detroit and Native Pueblos in New Mexico have something strange in common. Votes are disappearing and Palast follows the trail to a man named Karl Rove. If you think the 2008 US Election wasn’t fixed, you’d better check this out!

Donate for a signed copy of the DVD and get these Extras, not available in download version.

● Plus the untold story of the Exxon Valdez with Mike Papantonio.

● Plus Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa with Palast on corporate piracy.

● Plus the hot “Toons of HeadZup and White Noise”.

● Plus PDF of the Bobby Kennedy Jr./Greg Palast Comic Book “Steal Back Your Vote” with penmen Ted Rall and Lloyd Dangle.

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